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Baltic Warrior

The Stern Seen from a slipway

The sight of the ocean going all weather, deep sea, salvage tug Baltic Warrior out of the water on a slipway is an impressive one. The hull looks as strong as one might expect of a tug capable of meeting the ice breaking capabilitis it would ultimatley need out in the hostile waters off the Northern Baltic Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea.

The Huge Propellor

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I have eagerly awaited the tugs arrival in Whitby, keen to see the vessel for myself. I have been preparing the Baltic Warrior pages until such time as I have been allowed to reveal the true identification of Clive Cussler's replacement charter vessel. I hope that the weather is kind and that I am able to get more recent photographs of the Baltic Warrior for myself which I will of course add here.

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