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Lasts year's expedition began in earnest on the 8th June working out of Grimsby, before arriving in Whitby harbour on the 18th June due to poor weather. I was down on the pier with some visiting guests when the boat made its way into the harbour, despite the rain it was pleasing to see 'the dancer' arrive in Whitby once more. We had our usual mixed weather patterns throughout the boats stay.

The team left Whitby on the 20th returning on the 30th June. July was a very busy month for the team with five separate departures

During this years expedition there where as usual some interesting results from the side scan sonar but nothing too conclusive. I was on the boat to see Dirk leave Whitby wishing him a safe journey home. Knowing that Clive was due to arrive within the week. I was most pleased to learn that Dayna was going to be in Whitby. It was more of a surprise learn that Dirk was back so soon after leaving the UK.

Ralph Wilbanks the side scan sonar specialist had found a very interesting result during the search, Clive was understandably impressed and Dirk was recalled. A dive team was put together to investigate the find, however it was eventually ruled out as the elusive "Bonhomme Richard".

The charter vessel left Whitby on Friday, 31st July and on Saturday, 1st August returned to Grimsby, to off load the equipment at the end of Project. I have just added a new page to this website that details the infamous battle in which the Bonhomme Richard was lost which I hope you find interesting.

There are many website's dedicated to Clive Cussler and it would not be practical for me to list them here, especially as website's come and go, I would not want to direct you to a website that was no longer active. I would however like to mention just a few of my favourite website's as I feel they are worthy of mention.

The first website is a forum that requires a simple registration in order to post to the forums on offer. You are however free to browse the website as a guest if you would like to get a feel for the forum first. It covers a wealth of topics and I have found the members to be extremely friendly and well versed to offer an answer to that burning Clive Cussler question, follow the link below to the Clive Cussler Forum and check it for yourself.

Popular Website

I would also fully recommend the extremely comprehensive and detailed website below, which has a plethora of information relating Clive Cussler. The website also has a simple registration that allows you full access to the website. Like the forum above, you are free to browse the website first as a guest. I found it very informative especially the list and detailed information relating to Clive's books. I can't do the forum and Cusslermen website justice here and would encourage you to view them for yourself, simply follow the revised link below.

Popular Website

An expanding website

Information about Clive Cussler's many expeditions can be found on the official National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA) website although they are a little outdated. The website also has information on his books and a very pleasant page with NUMA merchandise. I found the page with photographs of Clive Cussler fans quite amusing.

The website below is likely to be of interest to Clive Cussler enthusiasts and is something his wife is involved with, no doubt a website with so much potential.

An expanding website

Vin Fiz
Hotsy Totsy

Light Reading

Although Clive is exceptionally busy with his NUMA searches he still finds the time continue writing. Clive already has a children's novel out called The Adventures of Vin Fiz out with another book titled Hotsy Totsy which has just been released.

I have a good friend (Timothy) who is a member of a social networking website, he is also an avid fan of Clive Cussler. Some time ago we were discussing Clive's novels and his new endeavours / collaborations with new authors. Tim mentioned Clive's children's novels and that he was encouraging his son to follow in his footsteps. Apparently on the back of reading Vin Fiz he moved on to mainstream novels, Timothy caught his son off guard during one of his Clive Cussler moments and I thought you might find it as amusing as I have, why not see for yourself.

I have also added the following link which is for a simple web page with Clive's books presented in their category and release / reading order.  The banner below is a website that carries details of Clive's books. It has a ten minute video of Clive and Dirk Cussler discussing Arctic Drift which is worth viewing. Of all the website's that I have visited related to Clive the website below is the first one I have come across that has a personal welcome letter.

A Detailed Website

Finally I thought I would mention the infamous networking site "Facebook", on which Clive has his own presence. There has a been a few pages related to Clive, but the administrators are beginning to merge them so that it is easier to keep people informed of Clive's endeavours. It has many fine images of his books and some of the lucky fans that have been to one of his book signing events.

Clive Cusslers Facebook Page

New Developments

There were been some new and very interesting developments for 2010, including a new charter vessel.  It added a new twist to the continuing search for the remains of the Bonhomme Richard, use the link below to open the next page in this exciting venture and my own privileged involvement

Before heading off to the next page why not try one of the computer wallpaper downloads below featuring one of the eclectic Doxa watches or a new atmospheric Numa one. If you click either of the thumbnails below they open a new page with a full size download.

Doxa Wallpaper Download
Numa Wallpaper