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Ocean Dancer Gallery

Just a few selected images of the former Dutch Beam Trawler Ocean Dancer. I have a good selection of images captured throughout the yearly expeditions which brought it to Whitby, this will enable me to Change them from time to time.

Passing The Swingbridge
Berthed After The Ice House
The first photograph was captured by Alan Wastell from Whitby's swingbridge as the vessel passes through the swingbridge on its way to the wharf in the upper harbour.
The vessel stayed berthed in the lower harbour on its first two visits to Whitby, making it difficult for me to board it even with the change in tide.
Yacht Rosa
Fishery Patrol Vessel
The Ocean Dancer seen here berthed in the lower harbour behind the motor yacht "Rosa";. Together They seem to complement each other.
As the ship approaches the wharf, astern of her the latest fishery patrol vessel North Eastern Guardian III prepares to leave Whitby.
In The Lower Harbour
The photograph above was taken with the vessel berthed alongside the fish market And was captured in 2003 during the Ocean Dancer's first visit to Whitby. The vessel was quite different then with the stern exposed, during its first expedition the recompression chamber was positioned on the deck and the compressed air cylinders in full view. Today, the chamber is located within the bow along with all the supporting equipment.

Ocean Dancer Charter's

Of her many charter's the Ocean Dancer was involved in the Elizabeth movie sequel "Elizabeth The Golden Age", a popular film which was awarded numerous film / movie awards. The following link leads to the Newlyn Fishing News website and a page dedicated to the film shoot. I have also added a new page about the film just for information purposes which can be found using the following link Elizabeth The Golden Age.

Cate Blanchett Clive Owen
Cate Blanchett (Queen Elizabeth I)
Clive Owen (Sir Walter Raleigh)
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UK PAL Version
US NTSC Version

Ocean Dancer Galleries

The progressive gallery page from here presents selected photographs captured within the vessel showing the accommodation and the dive support equipment. The next gallery presents photographs of the vessel's outside including more hull shots, her bridge and engine room equipment. 2008 marked a bit of a change as I was made aware of the Ocean Dancer being placed up for sale this simple page reveals some surprising developments. To complete the series I have added a page, presenting the vessel as she was prior to undergoing a major conversion to enclose her stern, showing the vessel with quite a different profile.