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External Gallery

Mechanics & Hull

These photographs represent the Ocean Dancer from an external viewpoint and mirror those on the "Capital Boat" website, I have added them here as they provide a nice selection of the hull and super structure and some of its dedicated equipment for anyone interested in the ship. The ship is in very good condition and I am impressed by the skippers enthusiasm for keeping the vessel maintained to the highest standards.

Berthed alongside the wharf
Outside below the bridge
Although the ship was built in 1964, it is remarkable condition.
It is a thoroughly clean vessel that has been professionally maintained throughout the years.
Starboard Bridge Wing
Wide open deck
The vessel is registered in Panama for use 100 miles offshore.
The boat is fully equipped and is able to take 12 passengers in good comfort.
Yacht Rosa
Yacht Rosa
It has a large wide deck open deck area, with mahogany planking and tar pitching.
Being meticously cared for the ship is in very good condition both physically and cosmetically.
Comprehensive Bridge Equipment
Bristling with an array of electronic equipment, the bridge is more than just the nerve centre. During Bonhomme Richard expeditions the seemingly empty space just to the right of the photograph is normally full with side scan / magnetomter equipment. The chart table is behind the position I have captured the photograph above and the space for yet more sophisticated electronic equipment.
300 hp 6 Cylinder Engine
The engine is a derated 300, 6 cylnder ABC and was rebuilt in 2003.
1 of 3 generators
Fitted with 3 generators the one above is the most recent.
1 ton Hi - Ab Crane
The ships 1 ton hi - ab is ideal for the launch and recovery of the stand by tender and is tucked away on the deck but within easy access when needed.

Ocean Dancer Galleries

The first gallery page presents some of my favourite Ocean Dancer images, whilst the next has selected photographs captured inside the vessel showing the accommodation and dive support equipment. In 2008 I was made aware of the Ocean Dancer being placed up for sale putting her involvement in the Bonhomme Richard expeditions under jeopardy this simple page reveals some surprising developments. To complete the series of gallery pages I have added another gallery page, this one presenting the Ocean Dancer as she was prior to undergoing a major conversion to enclose her stern, showing the vessel in quite a different form.

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